What customisation does the CRM need for the new market?

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PowerCo., a multinational energy provider, will expand to new markets. Hence, PowerCo. seeks to customise the CRM for the local market needs. SprintlyWorks team conducted key interviews with responsible stakeholders to define customisation requirements for the CRM of PowerCo.

The key questions addressed in the project:

Q1. What are the activities and data points needed by the stakeholders in the sales process?

Q2. What are the key processes that will involve the usage of CRM?


PowerCo. seeks to customize the CRM to implement in the new market. The project helped PowerCo. map the sales process and defined requirements needed for the CRM customization.

Our approach

SprintlyWorks team conducted a time-boxed sprint, the project consisted of 3 phases:

  • Research current sales process: Conduct interviews with responsible stakeholders and analyze the sales process
  • Create the CRM customization requirements: Map the sales data points with the corresponding CRM fields to customize the system for the local market
  • Improve system together with clients: Provide improvements to the CRM environment


Phase 1: Research of current sales process in the local market

To map the local market sales process, SprintlyWorks team first conducted interviews with responsible stakeholders, to extract high-level sales stages and to identify the data points needed for each stage. Outcomes of Phase 1 included:

  • A high-level map of the local market sales process from Lead-to-Order.
  • A data-flow document in which all the important data points in each sales stage are documented

Phase 2: Create the CRM customization requirements

SprintlyWorks team organized the data collected from the stakeholder interviews to replicate the CRM environment. The outcomes of Phase 2 were:

  • A high-level layout of the CRM environment, including a plan for automation of certain sales stages to accelerate the sales process from lead-to-order
  • A list of customization requirements for the CRM, which was transferred to backlog items in the CRM development software

Phase 3: Improve the system

In the final phase, the SprintlyWorks team worked closely with the clients to ensure that the customization requirements were presented in the piloted environment. The SprintlyWorks team and the client implemented an agile working method to ensure that the questions were answered. The outcome of the project was a pilot version of the customized CRM environment.


The SprintlyWorks team identified customization requirements for PowerCo’s CRM system. The customization enabled PowerCo.’s sales agents to be more efficient by decreasing the lead-to-order processing time. The project supported PowerCo. in their sales development and standardization process in the local market.